it personal

At Black Khaki we believe business is personal. Like a firm handshake. Like real face time. Like dinner around a table. We’re old-school like that. We like it like that, because it’s good for business. It keeps things real, which is exactly our aim. Why, you ask? Simply put, because we are people’s people and that means we can serve you, and your brand, in the best possible way. You are not just another meal ticket. Or a fast track to awards. At Black Khaki we are concerned with the well-being of your brand, the effectiveness of your communication and ultimately the state of your bottom line.

a difference

The difference we make is implied in our name: Black Khaki. It’s a little bit Platteland with some urban flair. It’s where old-styled values meet with fresh, innovative thinking. It’s understanding and taking classical advertising and delivering never-seen-before executions. We do not merely offer you solutions – we offer you results through strategic intent and creative output. It’s true that everyone is different – but not everyone makes a difference. We believe we do.

it through our work

There’s an old saying that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. At Black Khaki, standing merely for something isn’t enough, we actively take a stand. We take a stand for effectiveness and we combine that with creativity. Not for the sake of awards, but for results and for the sake of great marketing. To us that’s good salesmanship and it’s why we do what we do.

So, if you’re looking for the most effective boutique communications consultancy in Southern Africa – let’s talk. We’ll get marketing to work for you.

  • Marketing and brand communications consulting
  • Advertising
  • Internal and external communication programmes
  • Strategic planning
  • Graphic design
  • Corporate identity development
  • Desktop publishing
  • On-line marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Social media marketing
  • Illustrations
  • Photography
  • Print production
  • Corporate videos
  • App development

Life is all about relationships. Our passion, strategic acumen and creative excellence are therefore the result of great partnerships. Our portfolio is a testament to our clients’ success. With an attitude of, “On the ball – Out of the park”, we create memorable campaigns and effective communication solutions on time, within budget and above expectations. Please scroll through our portfolio for an in-depth look of what we can offer your brand.

  • Auto Excellence
    Auto Excellence
    Good. Great. Excellent.
    When a client is used to the best, how do you take them from good to great? In the search for branding excellence, Auto Excellence contacted us to redesign their corporate identity and website as well as act as custodians for their brand. An increase in their sales, brand mentions and brand awareness was testimonial to our craft as creative partners. They are truly going above and beyond and not only did the rebranding inspire the staff, but it also shifted them to a higher gear.
  • BUCO. Hardware. Buildware
    Let's Build Together
    From developing their consumer promise, "Let's Build Together", we pride ourselves on being the creative partners for BUCO. They might be a new player in the hardware and buildware arena, but they certainly know how to pack a mean punch. They know their stuff when it comes to hardware and buildware and having the opportunity to develop and build their brand campaigns is just rocking good fun. Retail marketing is tucking fuff, but the increase in both awareness and sales we've generated for BUCO, serves as testimony to our commitment and our craft. If you want to build something, make sure you use the guys that can deliver before Santa.
  • BUCO. Hardware. Buildware
    The Art of the Sale.
    Yes. There is an art to selling. Whether you need cutting edge retail campaigns, or effective below the line elements, we can assist. We know how to weather the storm and steer you into calm, more prosperous waters. Even if it's smooth sailing, we can help you get and profit the most out of your current situation by tailoring your retail campaign to serve your needs even better. We successfully did it for BUCO - we can do the same for you.
  • Gateway OC
    Gateway OC
    Mud. Sweat. Gears.
    One of the more established off-road centres in the Western Cape approached us to redesign their corporate identity and website as well as look after all their branding requirements. Since we love to get down and dirty, we muddied our hands and developed a new grungier-styled identity for them. One that speaks more clearly of their "going the extra-mile" for customers and their can-do attitude.
  • Hinterland
    People eat with their eyes.
    We were approached by our client to develop their packaging and labels. We wanted it to be both functional and as mouth-watering as its contents. For the Hinterland range of quality prime meat, we took the challenge head on. No bull. Pure. Simple. Honest.
  • Mopani
    Let's talk Safety in Africa.
    Operating in the heart of Africa, Mopani approached us to develop and localise some of their SAFETY campaigns. Through colourful illustrations, paired with local narrative, we have developed the SAFETY SAGAs. The SAGAs deal with complex safety and fatal hazard protocols at the mine, and cut through all the clutter to aid in safety awareness and ultimately saving or protecting lives.


We pick and choose unique people who will fit in with our one of a kind approach and culture. To ensure we find the right people, who look for individuals who are on top of their game – not merely bringing experience to the table, but also creativity and a passion for effective advertising. An agency is an eclectic mix of personalities who come together with a single goal. Here’s everyone in our mix. Come say hello.

van Jaarsveld
(The Big Kahuna)
(Director Extraordinaire)
(Overqualified Visual Head)
(Mr. Copy Head)
(Master of the Visual Arts)
de Buys
van Deventer
(Account Busybody)
(Divalicious Account Exec)
Jansen van Rensburg
(Literally a Literary Copywriter)
(Self-Taught Studio Head)
(Silent but Deadly Designer)
(Design Africionado)
(Workaholic Designer)
le Roux
(Digital Mastermind)
(+27) 11 482 9199

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Ground floor, Main Building,
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