We’re a little bit Karoo – with a Joburg beat and Cape Town views.

Fresh consistency, served daily.

A little platteland. A lot of urban flair.

We’re for the Davids against Goliaths.

About Us

At Black Khaki we believe business is personal. Like a firm handshake. Like real face time. We’re old-school like that, because it’s good for business. “Why”, you ask? Simply put, because we are people’s people and that means we can serve you, and your brand, in the best possible way. You are not just another meal ticket. Or a fast-track to awards. At Black Khaki we are concerned with the well-being of your brand, the effectiveness of your communication and ultimately the state of your bottom line.
The difference we make is implied in our name: Black Khaki. It’s a little bit platteland with a lot of urban flair. It’s where old-style values meet with fresh, innovative thinking. We do not merely offer you solutions – we offer you results through strategic intent and creative output.

There’s an old saying that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. At Black Khaki, standing merely for something isn’t enough, we actively take a stand. We take a stand for effectiveness and we combine that with creativity. Not for the sake of awards, but for results and the sake of great marketing.

If you’re looking for the most effective boutique communications consultancy in Southern Africa – let’s talk. We’ll get marketing to work for you.

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Featured Project

Walk Fast Whistle.

walk fast, whistle cock your ears and listen hold your line hold your own wind the window down tap the beat on the wheel look up, greet touch a hand and feel float a thought to the rafters smile at strangers do not diet don’t be quiet eat tomato sauce do not hold back a tear drink beer do not drink and drive talk less about yourself talk less mess up, apologize eat pie humble pie open your eyes look inside your friends and ask them how they are take a trip round the darkest bends together, tracking the trail of the wandering star to as far as the road goes