Artwork by Chris Valentine

Client & Project

Sappi – Global Calendar


Concept, Design, Project Management, Layout, Photography, Copywriting, Videography

For us, Sappi isn’t just about paper. It’s about evolution.

For Sappi’s international calendar, we wanted to celebrate Sappi’s achievements, both internationally and locally, through the theme of Inspired Growth. 14 artists were commissioned to create unique masterpieces using different mediums to reflect this theme.

These artworks were then photographed and enhanced in our studio with various printing techniques. We also created short stories through video bios of all the artists involved, forming an integrated campaign from print to digital.

Sappi Global Calendar
Sappi Global Calendar

“I was very honoured that such a respected and high-profile company like Sappi approached me to be part of their project and to be counted with other respected South African artists. I started working with different techniques soon after the project and received a couple of commissions for artworks from the exposure.”
Hanneke Benadé

Sappi Global Calendar
Sappi Global Calendar