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Research, Design, Layout, DTP, Copywriting, Strategy, Digital

At Black Khaki we consider digital as a strategic component of the core brand and marketing strategy and an ideal channel through which to build relationships and foster brand loyalty. We want digital to reflect, support and contribute to real-world actions and relationships by maximising the unique possibilities offered by each channel.

For BUCO we focus on brand-specific content such as core brand offerings, promotions and always-on-content.

BUCO’s digital tone of voice is aligned with the brand tone of voice but adapted to each channel to reflect context and audience. As the brand instils customer confidence in its expertise through its own ability, our communication is:

  • Honest, to the point, helpful, knowledgeable, trustworthy, down-to-earth
  • Solution oriented | can-do attitude
  • Adaptable & flexible
  • Humorous
BUCO - Social
BUCO - Social
BUCO - Social
BUCO - Social
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