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Sappi Cyber Security – Integrated Global Internal Campaign


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Sappi identified a potential risk internally – employees were being unsafe in their online habits and activities, both at work and in their personal lives. This unsafe behaviour made Sappi vulnerable to potential cyber attacks.

Black Khaki developed an internal educational campaign focusing on creating awareness and bringing about change in behaviour when communicating, sharing or working online and offline.

Every second month we focus on a single topic, e.g. identity theft, aiming to educate employees on potential cyber risks. In order to bring our messages across, we utilised various platforms such as websites, online videos, posters, emailers and more.


Identity Theft is real

In this phase of the internal Cyber Security awareness campaign, Sappi wanted to convey to its employees the potential dangers of Identity Theft.

Black Khaki developed a visually striking tongue-in-cheek campaign with augmented iconic imagery and a short embedded video on the site, as well as comprehensive conceptual copy which outlines a host of information about preventative measures for falling victim to identity theft.

The campaign approached a host of topics in a conversational yet professional tone, which addressed the various types of data that one should be mindful of sharing online, as well as tips on safe cyber practices.

Sappi Cyber Security - Identity Theft is Real


Think before you post

In this phase of the internal Cyber Security awareness campaign, Sappi needed to generate messaging concerning the various ways in which Cyber Criminals trick people out of their personal data.

With this in mind, Black Khaki created a campaign that not only consisted of interesting optical entertainment, but also inspired interaction in order to receive the messaging. In this way, the information about safe cyber practices was conveyed successfully while also being creatively wrapped in the metaphor of its own pay-off: Perspective Is Everything.

  • Sappi Cyber Security

Our first internal campaign garnered over 12 000 interactions on the website and countless other interactions – all in helping educate employees.

  • Sappi Cyber Security - Perspective is Everything


Become a Savvy Surfer

In this phase of the internal Cyber Security awareness campaign, Sappi wanted to execute communications about their social media policy as well as safe social media practices.

We decided to generate a jungle-themed campaign to convey the arena of threats in a fun way, with bold concise headlines to address each list of topics. Turning an otherwise overlooked topic of information into a relatable gem of creative communication.

Sappi Cyber Security
Sappi Cyber Security
Sappi Cyber Security
Sappi Cyber Security